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Bonsai Critique Series

Here at Bonsai-En we like to have our followers involved in what we do, The Bonsai-En Bonsai Critique Series is a great way to be able to show off the work of our followers on our YouTube channel while also being able to give some friendly advise based off what we would do with the tree if it was in our hands.

The Bonsai-En Bonsai Critique Series is in no way a platform for harsh comments or judgment on others work but rather a platform for discussion from not only us here at Bonsai-En but from our viewers also.

Here is what we need from you to Submit Your Tree.

1. Photographs from the front, Side and Back of the Tree. ( please take the photos on a plain background at viewing height ).

2. Information on yourself and your tree ( Your Name, Your Current Town, Your Trees species and age if known and any relevant information).

3. you will need to consent to having your images and information used in the video by writing I " Insert Full Name " Consent to Bonsai-En using the images and information attached in this email for the purpose of the Bonsai Critique Series Videos on YouTube.

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