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Are you struggling with your bonsai trees, feeling lost and frustrated? You're not alone. Many bonsai enthusiasts face the same challenges. You may find yourself in a situation where you don't know what work needs to be done on your tree, and you're left in the dark about the techniques and timing necessary to nurture your beloved trees. Hours of online video content might have left you feeling overwhelmed, as the concepts seem detached from your specific trees and environment.

The more you watch, the more questions arise, and it feels like a never-ending cycle of confusion. Adding to the chaos, multiple teachers offer conflicting advice, further deepening the sense of bewilderment.

But fear not, there's a solution. Imagine having a personal bonsai mentor, someone with years of experience, a sought after figure in the bonsai world, and the knowledge to guide you through every step of your bonsai journey.

Introducing Joshua Hooson, the expert behind Bonsai-En, the host of the Modern Bonsai Podcast, and the owner of the popular bonsai shop, Bonsai-En. He's here to help you unlock your bonsai potential and ensure your trees thrive.

With a 1-on-1 Zoom call with Joshua, you'll gain the clarity and confidence you've been missing. You can finally ask the questions that have been bothering you, get advice tailored to your unique situation and trees, and receive guidance on everything from styling, wiring, pruning, fertilizing, soil choice, pot selection, to the delicate art of repotting.

This is your opportunity to break free from the endless cycle of confusion and conflicting advice. It's time to take your bonsai journey to the next level with personalized guidance from an industry expert. Don't miss out on the chance to transform your bonsai hobby into a thriving and fulfilling passion.

Book your 1-on-1 Zoom call with Joshua Hooson today and watch your bonsai flourish like never before. Don't let confusion hold you back any longer; let's turn your bonsai dreams into a beautiful reality.

Coaching Sessions

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