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Next Course Begins Jan 30 2021

Bonsai Beginners Master Class Course

The Bonsai Beginners Master Class Online Course is designed to take Bonsai Enthusiasts who are either completely new to the art or have been practising for some time and want to begin to understand Bonsai with a more solid understanding.

You will be given the skills to understand Bonsai on a more technical level without the confusing lingo and will be able to work on beginner trees with a more structured approach achieving better results in Both Horticulture and Design.

Bonsai-En offers a range of Online Events such as Online Bonsai Courses, Online Bonsai Demonstrations and more! To find out more information about what Events are coming up please check the listings below and click the links for more information.

Our Online Bonsai Courses are held online and cater for all levels of Bonsai Practise. Studying online allows you to take notes from the comfort of your home and allows you to revisit each lesson over and over again to strengthen your Bonsai Knowledge.

Tickets can be purchased by visiting one of our Online Bonsai Shops, Click the link next to the course you are interested to learn more 

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Bonsai Beginners Online Course

The Bonsai-En Online Beginners Course is the most solid foundation to beginning bonsai on the internet! over 4 Hrs of lectures which will give you the tools to be able to make your own decisions on what work to perform and when. Do you ever watch videos online but then still don't know what to do with your own material? This is because most How To videos teach techniques specific to the tree sitting in front of the person who is teaching. Our course aims to teach you foundational knowledge that will allow you to look at your material and be able to recognise what work needs to be done and why.

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1 On 1 Zoom Sessions With Josh

Josh is now offering 1 on 1 sessions over Zoom to help you get a clearer understanding of the work you need to undertake or maybe you would like some 1 on 1 time to have some information from a previous Youtube video clarified for your specific situation. How you use your time is completely up to you.

Book your appointment today to get started!

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Bonsai-En Bonsai Critique Series

Submit Your Tree To Bonsai-En For Critique.

Have your tree critiqued on the Bonsai-En YouTube channel and see where we would take your tree if it was in our hands.

To find out more information on the show and how you can submit click the link below.

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