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Do i need Bonsai Watering Nozzles?

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

As i was walking around our garden here at Bonsai-En watering the trees i was having flash backs of when i used to water with a regular garden hose nozzle, My flash backs seemed to be black and white like an infomercial showing a persons struggles before they got the wonderful product being advertised that seemingly changed their life.. So this begs the question, What are Bonsai Watering Nozzles and do i really need one?.

The answer is both yes and no.. Pretty crappy answer right?

Well here is why the answer is no. It should be obvious that you can actually water a bonsai with anything that will dispense water including a water bottle, although watering 100 trees with a 1ltr water bottle might take some time.... You can also use just a regular garden hose with your finger over the end or any old nozzle. BUT! the problem with all these methods is even though they fundamentally achieve the job at hand they do have some pitfalls.

So here is why the answer is yes, yes you do need a Bonsai Watering Nozzle.

A lot of the watering nozzles or cans on the market that are made specifically for Bonsai have a very soft flowing head on them, This means you can water your Bonsai without washing your top dressing off your soil or even worse blasting your soil our of the pot leaving you with erosion. Do this too many times and you will end up exposing the roots on your tree.

Brass Bonsai Watering Nozzle
Brass Bonsai Watering Nozzle

Normally the Bonsai Watering Nozzles and Bonsai Watering Cans are designed with Bonsai in mind and have a greater reach in terms of length, and that length is also rigid which makes it easy to poke in and around trunks and water trees up high, down low and side to side. They also have a flow nozzle allowing you to control the amount of water that exits the nozzle giving you even more control over the flow for soils that wash away easily. If you have ever used perlite you know what im talking about!

One thing to keep in mind when getting a Proper Bonsai Watering nozzle is they dont have your normal run of the mill quick release adaptors, They are more of a permanent solution which is generally attaching the hose directly to the nozzle with a Hose clamp. If you need to still use a regular garden hose for washing the car or general jobs around the house then you might want to invest in a multi outlet for your garden tap so you can have your Bonsai hose on one and your regular hose on the other to avoid having to swap out hoses all the time. Although if this is not for you then you can always just swap hoses at the tap everytime you want to do a different task.

If you would like to purchase your own Bonsai Watering Nozzle you can get one here

I hope this article has helped clear the air on what Bonsai watering nozzles are actually for and what their benefits are.

But for now, Enjoy your Bonsai Journey!

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