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Are you interested in learning the ancient art of bonsai? Our beginner's course is the perfect starting point for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of this fascinating hobby. Our expert instructors will guide you through all the fundamental techniques of bonsai, from selecting the right tree species to proper pruning and shaping techniques. You will learn how to care for your bonsai, including watering, fertilizing, and repotting. You will also learn how to style your bonsai tree to create a beautiful, miniature tree. By the end of the course, you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to create your own stunning bonsai. Sign up now and start your journey in the world of bonsai!

There are many benefits to learning bonsai, including:

  1. Stress relief: The repetitive nature of bonsai tasks, such as pruning and wiring, can be very calming and can help to reduce stress.

  2. Improved patience and focus: Bonsai requires a great deal of patience and attention to detail, which can help to improve focus and concentration.

  3. Connection with nature: Bonsai allows you to connect with nature in a unique way, by creating a miniature landscape that can be enjoyed indoors.

  4. Increased creativity: Bonsai allows for a lot of creativity when it comes to shaping and styling the tree, which can be a great outlet for self-expression.

  5. Sense of accomplishment: Creating a beautiful bonsai tree takes time and effort, but the end result is a stunning work of art that you can be proud of.

  6. A lifelong hobby: Bonsai is a hobby that can be enjoyed for a lifetime, as it can take many years to create a mature-looking bonsai tree.

  7. Cultural appreciation: Bonsai originated in Japan, and the art form has been passed down through generations. By learning bonsai, you can gain an appreciation for the culture and history behind it.

What Will You Learn In Our Beginners Course?

Basic Bonsai Tools

  • Scissor Types ( Trimming / Pine Decandling / Bud - Satsuki )

  • Branch Cutters

  • Knob Cutters

  • Wire Cutters ( Scissor Type vs Bull Nose )

  • Jin Pliers

  • Carbon Vs Stainless

Bonsai Material And How We Treat It

  • Seed

  • Sapling

  • Starter Stock

  • Nursery Stock

  • Pre Bonsai

  • Bonsai

  • Development & Refinement.

Learning Proper Basic Techniques

  • Positioning ( sunlight, Wind flow, rotation, Away from radiant heat )

  • Watering ( mix-humidity-potsize-weather cond-wind)

  • Pruning ( correct timing for energy )

  • Feeding (adjust according to goals)

  • Wiring 

  • Protection From The Elements ( Winter, Summer, Wind, Hail )

Soil Basics

  • Organic Soils and why we use them

  • In organic soils and why we use them

  • How to determine your best mix based on your situation

Re-Potting / Slip Potting / Potting Up Nursery Stock Under Standing The Difference

  • Re-Potting

  • Slip Potting

  • Potting Up To Refinement

5 Basic Styles Of Bonsai

  • Informal Upright

  • Formal Upright

  • Slanting

  • Semi-Cascade

  • Cascade

Basic Pot Choices

  • Feminine vs Masculine

  • Shapes

  • Glaze vs Unglazed

  • Choosing a Colour

How Much Is This Bonsai Class?

Our Bonsai Beginners Course Consists of 3 Weekly Classes which will run for approximately 2hrs each at our Nursery in Medowie. Medowie located in Port Stephens and is a short drive from within the hunter region. The beginners course is all theory based learning so no trees or equipment are required. We do recommend beginners take this class before getting into hands on classes as the knowledge gained in this course will be essential to everything else you do.

Each Lesson Costs $20 Per Person, This is paid at each class

This means the total cost of the course will be $60 per person.

Current Classes

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Fill out your information below and we will let you know when a future class becomes available. We will try to have classes at different times so more people have a chance to attend.

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