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Online Bonsai Shop

Shop Online with one of Australia's Most Trusted Online Bonsai Stores. We ship Australia Wide and offer some of Australia's best pricing. Earn Reward Points with every purchase which you can redeem to earn dollar amount discounts on future purchases!. If that is not enough we offer a wide range of payment options including Buy Now Pay Later with AfterPay and have Fast Shipping!

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Join us on our Podcast " Modern Bonsai " as we talk with other Bonsai Practitioners about some of their learning along the way on their path to becoming a Bonsai Professional or Enthusiast. We speak with people trained in Japan, Other Bonsai Business Owners and also People who have been practising from many years. Listen now and learn something new for free!

Online bonsai Course

Online Bonsai Course

Learn Bonsai Online from the comfort of your own home in a structured learning environment. You will be dropped into a community group filled with like minded Bonsai Enthusiasts all learning the same skills. Learn Bonsai in a way never seen before with our Master Class Series Bonsai Courses and improve your skills to create better Bonsai!

YouTube Channel

Join us on our YouTube channel as we share some free knowledge to help you get on your feet on your way to becoming a Bonsai Practitioner. We share some basic knowledge in High Quality Videos which you can use to get a basic understanding of Bonsai before moving into some of our more serious online Bonsai Courses!

Bonsai Shirts

International Merchandise Store

Purchase High Quality Bonsai Merchandise which can be shipped World Wide from one of our Many shipping warehouses located in Australia, USA and , Europe.

Wear your pride on your sleeve with Bonsai-En High Quality Merchandise!

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