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Updated: Nov 5

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As a Bonsai Enthusiast there is so much to learn, Bonsai is a Hobby and Profession that branches off in many directions. Nothing in Bonsai is straight forward and has 1 clear road and this stays true when it comes to buying your Bonsai tools.

Today we are going to concentrate on Bonsai Scissors and see if we can make your shopping experience a little easier when you are deciding what best for you.

Lets start with something that seems so simple..


Bonsai Scissors come in different sizes and this is usually specified in mm E.G 180mm , 200mm, 205mm, 210mm etc etc. To decide on sizes you need to take a look around your garden and see how dramatically the sizes of your trees change from tree to tree. If you have both Small trees and Large trees then 1 set of scissors in 1 size wont do, This stays true for things like branch cutters and knob cutters. As your trees get larger you need bigger tools.

Typically the factors that decide this will be branch thickness and foliage tightness.

For thicker branches you will need bigger tools ( make sure you can tell when you can cut a branch with scissors and when its too thick for scissors thus needing branch cutters )

Foliage tightness can call for a different kind of scissor which we will talk about later so keep reading to find out more.

Now that we have sizing out of the way lets chat about scissor types


When choosing bonsai scissors you may have seen that there are a few different types and you may have though to your self why do i need a different set of scissors for different cutting jobs, cant i just use the one set? Technically yes, BUT this just makes your job harder and you will likely damage that set of scissors really quickly using them for every job and the wrong job.

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