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What are Knob Cutters?

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

Ever look at a tool and think " What on earth is that for? ". Well that's usually the train of thought when looking at a set of Bonsai Knob Cutters for the First Time. So What are Knob Cutters?

Knob Cutters or Concave Cutters as they are sometimes referred to are a pretty simple tool tool so this shouldn't take too long to explain. Sometimes in Bonsai when we make a cut to a trunk we can often times get a knuckle where it heels if you cut flush with the tree. As the Cambium heals over it creates a Bump and sometimes this is unsightly. To prevent this from happening we have Knob Cutters! basically after you have made your cut with your branch cutters you can then go in with the Knob Cutters and create a Concave cut ( Cutting just past Flush ). What this does is allow the tree to heal flush or flat by creating room for the Cambium to heal over.

As discussed in some of our other articles Knob cutters come in 2 different materials and many sizes.

If you want your tool to stay sharper for a longer period of time then go for the Carbon Steel, Just be aware that you will need to take measures to ensure your tool doesn't rust.

If you want your tool to be rust free with minimal up keep then the Stainless Steel variety is for you, Stainless Steel tools will become blunt quicker then carbon steel though.

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Rounded Cutting Blade - Knob Cutter

Knob Cutters can also be used for working down flat cuts made on trees as well, When we trunk chop or take off a large branch usually there is a very flat cut left on the tree. Knob cutters are handing to come in and somewhat carve the flat cut down into a more interesting and smoother transition for the cut site.

I hope this article has helped you understand Bonsai Knob Cutters

Until Next Time, Enjoy Your Bonsai Journey.

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